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Wendy Retzer

Hi, I'm Wendy Retzer

Founder of Playful Heart Living

This is my Story

I am a Holistic Physical Therapist, Pain Specialist & Brain/Body Integration Coach. I guide women to connect the dots between their mind, body & spirit in order to reduce their pain, stress to help them heal from chronic pain. I am committed in helping women tap into their own tools to create lasting results.

I help to create a personalized plan for each woman I work with based on their goals & needs. 

I understand, at a personal level, what it takes to go from being in pain with no energy, to waking up feeling grounded and connected. In my late 30’s, I had a breakdown and learned I had a heart condition. That diagnosis alerted me to wake up, change my life and evaluate how I was living each day. I began creating daily practices and introducing "pause moments" and "play dates" into my day. I went from having chronic neck & shoulder pain to being able to move freely. I struggled with the guilt of saying "No" to volunteer opportunities before I had the confidence and energy to say "Yes" to taking care of myself. It has been through these experiences and simple shifts in how I connect with my day that has enabled me to gain my health and energy back to live a vibrant energetic life once again.

My background as a Holistic Physical Therapist in the past 28 years has given me a unique perspective when it comes to working with people. I have seen people from across the lifespan from 0-105 years old. I have worked with a variety of diagnosis from Parkinson’s, strokes, back injuries, sciatica, joint replacements, balance & vestibular issues. All different personalities, sizes and challenges. The common theme I've learned from people who really soar and continue to do well in life even when tragedy or trauma happens are those who have tools, healthy tools and they know how to use them. They access and leverage their support systems. Those who don’t have this skill set and its a skill set struggle a lot more from from my experience. 
I live in North County San Diego with my husband of 30 years and I'm a mother of two sons, both in their 20’s. Some of my favorite personal “play dates” include: stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, dancing, being with friends, traveling, skiing, listening to live music and creating art.

Bring fun with less pain into your life with Wendy

Find the resources that are right for you. There are 3 different pathways to work with me. 
Group Coaching, 1:1 Sessions, DIY Online Courses.

Group Coaching

To Be Announced In the Next Upcoming Weeks. New program is starting for those who are experiencing knee, back and/or neck pain.

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1-on-1 coaching

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DIY Online Programs

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